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Welcome to Canis Regnum kennel website!

Our kennel was founded in 2011 and we breed the Golden Retrievers.

Breeding kennel is located in southwestern Slovakia in village Branovo, where the ideal conditions for dog breeding are complemented by the natural surroundings.

I fell in love at first sight with this beautiful English breed. It was on my thirteenth birthday, when my parents donated me a beautiful puppy - a female which I named Viky. Like every child I was looking forward to my first dog and I didn't mind at all that Viky was without a pedigree.

Over the time I became more and more interested in this breed...

I understood how important it is to know the origin and ancestors of the dog, their nature, health and, last but not least, their exterior and work qualities, which they then pass on to their offsprings. Because only dogs who meet the criteria can be included in the breeding and thus contribute their qualities to preserve the typical traits of this breed. Based on this, in June 2008 we bought the first female with pedigree - Mimi, which comes from the kennel A Comitate Aureo. Four months later another female named Ria from kennel Čechynské lúky joined Mimi and Viky. It didn't take long time and my four-legged sweethearts became a playful trio. This convinced me every day that I had made a right choice, because the Golden Retriever breed fits perfectly to my lifestyle. We brought two other representatives of this breed - male Jack and female Ruby from the kennel Brdské zlato in Czech Republic. Our last additions are females Meggy, Lara, Rose and Zara, which I kept from the litters bred in our kennel.

Our dogs are a big part of our family and I am grateful to them for many beautiful experiences and new skills I have gained in addition to dog training and breeding. It says „dog is man's best friend“. In my case, this is absolutely true...

Ivana Hanuliaková